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Gary Hart’s Presidential Bid and the Possible Setup That Ended It

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Pics donna rice 'PLAYBOY' WANTS

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Pics donna rice 'PLAYBOY' WANTS

Donna Rice Hughes Still Feels PTSD 31 Years After Gary Hart Sex Scandal

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Pics donna rice Gary Hart's

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Pics donna rice Donna Rice

Pics donna rice Gary Hart's

Donna Rice Hughes

Hart's popular appeal nevertheless suffered, and polls taken almost immediately afterward found him to be 10 points behind governor in New Hampshire.

  • Two weeks into it, we saw the beginnings of what would happen.

  • Today, it is called date rape.

Democrat's alleged mistress says she's rebuilt her life since tabloid scandal, now focus of film

What would have induced Broadhurst to participate in an entrapment scheme? A story in Newsweek around the time he formally announced his candidacy, on April 13, 1987, highlighted these rumors, and while it made no specific allegations, it quoted a former adviser as saying that Hart was going to be in trouble if he can't keep his pants on.

  • Vera Farmiga, who earned an Academy Award nomination for her work in Reitman's 2009 film Up In the Air, plays Lee in the film.

  • Gary Hart that, once revealed, doomed his 1988 presidential bid.