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Australia's 'Ganja Queen' Schapelle Corby returns home more than 12 years after being jailed in Bali for drug smuggling

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RuPaul’s Drag Race: What Laganja Estranja From Season 6 Is Up To Now

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Film goes behind travel nightmare

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Did you see Ganja the girl who got 20 years for allegedly bringing marijauna into Indonesia? Do you think she was innocent?

They were the third couple to be eliminated on 13 April 2021, following a dance-off with Matty J and his partner Ruby Gherbaz.

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  • Kisina, along with two friends, invaded the home of a well-known drug dealer, tied up the occupants and a male occupant before fleeing with a quantity of cannabis and cash.

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Adding to the drama and public interest, the court hearings were broadcast live and included emotional outbursts from Corby and her family when she received a 20-year sentence.

  • A number of Indonesian anti-drug campaign activists and politicians have criticised what they say is a light sentence and the subsequent five-year reduction in her sentence.

  • Now a film to be shown on U.