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He told Anisa Jomha to.

  • The reeee girl was Brittany venti??? It appeared like the drinks were flowing for the party-hearty pair, who shared a photo o an impressive amount of bottles Brittany captioned 'I had very little to do with this' while a proud Tommy snapped a selfie with his booze During the only 65 minute flight to Miami, the pair slipped away for some 'one-on-one' time in the first-class bathroom and then spent 20 minutes tending to business, to fellow American Airlines passengers.

  • He often brought her drinks and ran other errands while she was doing nothing.

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She claims she did not know the camera was still on, but after witnessing the footage, it is pretty clear what her intentions were at the time.

  • Even Anisa herself seems unkempt at times, especially in one of her last photos.

  • Raiders would find ways to inflict the most damage with said video, usually putting the catch-line somewhere after an anime song.